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10 Top Inbox Management Tips

Inbox Management Tips:  A question for you:  How many emails are currently in your inbox?  Go on, be honest… 20, 40, 60, 100+ A never-ending inbox of emails is the cause for long working hours, stressed out entrepreneurs and procrastination.  It is also the reason why so many people feel that they are so ‘busy’ all the time when in actual fact they are busy on the wrong things.  A full  and un-manageable inbox can distract you from what you know you really should be doing.  I now only work 30 hours per week and most of that time I spend out of the office, I thought it would be useful to share my 10 top tips to help you manage your inbox & have an inbox of under 20 emails for most of the time. Tip 1 – Still using Outlook?  Stop! Get rid of it. The quicker you move to a cloud based solutionssuch as Google Apps for Business the better.  My whole business changed for the better and we gained a wealth of time back for myself and the whole team.  For minimal cost, you can have your whole history of Outlook emails and all future emails … Continue reading

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How To Say No and Win More Clients as a Result

When a prospective client makes contact to book an appointment, your initial reaction I am sure is to make yourself available to them anytime and as quickly as possible because you need more business. But just stop for one minute and think about what this is saying about you and your company… – If you can see them straight away then it implies that you haven’t got much else to do and that you are not busy – If you are not busy, then are you really that good at what you do? An empty diary is not a good signal to be giving to a prospective client – If you jump on the opportunity immediately it can also be seen as desperation.  If you are seen as desperate for business then the prospective client will be rubbing their hands together knowing that they will be able to drive your price down So what can you do to address this challenge and win more clients in the process? Well, imagine if you now change your answer to “When can we Meet?” to “I’m booked out with clients for the next two weeks, so could you make it on the [insert … Continue reading

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